Content scan

Are you looking for content that freshens up your website? Realise a plan for your branding or social media? Request a content scan. Our experts analyse your content, write down what they find and offer you advice. So you can get to work.

What do you get?

  • A comprehensive documented scan of your website
  • A summary of our main conclusions
  • Concrete advise on how to proceed
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What can content strategy do for you?

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A comprehensive analysis

A content scan gives you a report about where your content is now. And what you can do to improve it. We analyse your copy, blogs and visuals. But also your customer journey, your social media output and the structure of your website. All the while considering your audience: does the content match the user?

Focussed scan

Of course, you can request the exact scan you want. Do you just want a section of your website analysed? Or do you want to exclude Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Our experts will focus their scan precisely where you want it. Or do you want more than a content scan and include a competitor analysis? We can do it!

Practical advice

Afterwards, we share the main findings from our scan. Based on these, we give you practical points for improvement. How can you change your copy? Can we redesign your navigation? Or does your branding require a little extra attention? Whatever it is: you will know which steps your organisation can take when it comes to content.