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We've been around since 2000. Since then, the online world has changed a lot. But our team's passion has remained the same: making good content that is useful to our clients. As well as for today's user.

Further together

For our experts, working together is a priority. Creating something with our clients that really adds value. That everyone involved is proud of. Relevance is essential: content only gets attention if it is useful. This is why we combine storytelling and user experience with the right CMS or online channel. That is creating added value. 

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What we believe in

  • There is always a solution
    Of course, we might meet challenges along the way. Content, design or technical. But if you keep looking for the right solution, you will find one. And we are happy to help.
  • Working together is essential
    You can do a lot on your own. But working with others means you have extra eyes and knowledge, and many hands to make work lighter. Helping each other works.
  • Being down-to-earth saves time
    We could use complicated vocabulary and create intricate illustrations. But in the end, you just want things to happen. We prefer to work in a down-to-earth and clear manner.
  • Context is key
    The better you know your goals and your audience, the better you’re able to deliver your message. That is why we like to do our research. To enhance what we create and do.
  • Learning never stops
    Online is constantly on the move. Thankfully, we are right on top of this; allowing us to deliver modern solutions that last long-term.

Who you’ll work with

Anne van der Mierden

Content manager

Anne Oostendorp

Content producer

Aron Spies

Talent sourcer

Artreyu Pietersz

Content manager

Biswa Bahadoersingh


Boriana Hadjieva

Content manager

Chloe Goossens

Web editor Hockey.nl

Danny van Steijn

Operations Director

Dave van den Brule

Content specialist

Eelko Wester

Chief editor Hockey.nl

Elske de Kievith

Content manager

Eva Vree

Senior Contentspecialist

Glenda Kregel


Henrik Schulze


Irvin Appiah

Content manager

Janice Lie

Content manager

Jeroen Mansier

Video specialist Hockey.nl

Jeroen Zwarthoed

Financial Director

Judith Zebeda

Senior online copywriter

Kim Bogers


Kim van der Brugge


Koen Heemskerk

Content manager

Lana Pattiapon

Content manager

Lars van der Waarden

Content manager

Levi Uiterwijk

Content manager

Yiri Huijzen

Content manager

Marienke Tau

Senior content specialist

Marit Floor - Veenstra

Senior web editor

Melody Veeger

Content manager

Merel Barreveld

Content specialist

Michelle van Rij

Content specialist

Nadie Admiraal

Content specialist

Pascal van Oosterom

Administrative financial employee

Peter Klanke

Web editor Hockey.nl

Priscilla Menick

Content manager

Roberto Decock

Recruitment consultant Freelancefirm

Samira el Moubtahij


Sanne Wierda


Sjoerd Maresch

Web editor Hockey.nl

Tamara Bouman-Lammertse

Content specialist

Thom van der Meulen

Recruitment consultant

Tom Denneman

Content manager

Wanda Haveman

Copywriter & digital consultant

Wouter Sipkema

Content specialist

Koos the office dog

Parttime chief happiness officer