CMS improvement

Are you working with a specific content management system? And do you want to modify this CMS to better suit your needs? Ask our experts. They will tell you what is possible within your current system. Or if another CMS or plug-in is a better fit for you.

What do we do?

  • We adapt templates according to your wishes
  • We add functionalities
  • We fix bugs: no more workarounds
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Are you looking for a content manager for a longer period?

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A content view on your CMS

Our content managers have seen a lot. From various CMSs to a broad range of customer needs. And from time-consuming workarounds to common bugs. But that’s not all: our experts understand the value of content. And how quickly you need to be able to place new content. That’s their starting point for a more efficient design of your CMS.

Watching and working with you

Because every customer’s requests and methods are different, our content managers like to watch you work. How do you use your CMS? And what are the issues you face? Which adjustments are needed? But they also look at your content: there might be a functionality that can greatly ease your workload. And improve your content. We work with you and test any improvements. So you know they work.

From improvement to training

A change in your CMS also means a change in how you place and publish content. That’s why our content managers involve your team in the entire process. And train your web editors in the new environment. So they know how things work from day one.