Brand voice

How your brand expresses itself: that is your brand voice. Helping customers recognise and understand who you are. So, consistent use of your brand voice is key. We support you.

What do you get?

  • Sessions to develop your brand voice
  • A practical style guide full of examples
  • Brand voice training and coaching
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Voicing your values

Communication is vital for every organisation. Particularly if you want to create a strong brand: your voice needs to be recognisable and consistent across all touch points. This is where your brand voice comes in; it emerges from your brand values. Your tone depends on the occasion; an urgent payment request certainly sounds different than a congratulation.

Creating your brand voice together

Important stakeholders within your organisation will want a say in your brand voice. That is why we organise interactive sessions to collect relevant input. We process, present and finetune this. Until we have created the brand voice that not only fits your organisation, but is supported by it as well.

Clear guidelines for everyone

As soon as the brand voice is set, we will give you a style guide with all the practical aspects. Which words do you use, or not? How do we use exclamation marks, or address people? And how long may our sentences be? The guide makes sure everyone in your organisation knows how to use the brand voice. Some additional coaching can further cement this.