Chatbots: flow design & conversational copy

Is your organisation thinking about getting its own chatbot? To take away pressure from your call centre, to optimise the speed with which customers can make arrangements or to become even more innovative? During this training you’ll learn how to make your chatbot a success.

Duration 8 hours | 5 to 10 people

After this workshop you’ll know:

  • which kinds of chatbots there are
  • how to design a conversation flow
  • how to map potential customers journeys
  • how to create a conversation that appears human
  • what the must haves of successful conversational copy are
  • how to develop your chatbot’s personality
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Why do flow design and conversational copy matter?

Most companies focus all their attention on their online user experience. This makes sense in today’s competitive landscape: you have to set yourself apart to get and keep your users’ attention. A chatbot is unmissable in this regard: this digital assistant can help your customers 24 hours a day, every day. But a bot is only an asset if it manages to have a human, effective conversation with your users. This is why chatbots and voice assistants can’t do without excellent flow design and intuitive conversational copy.

What will you learn?

During this workshop, you’ll learn the basics of flow design, tailored to the specific bot you want to develop. Which customer wants and needs are most important? What’s the fastest route to an effective solution or the right answer? Are there viable alternatives? Additionally, you’ll learn to get to the bottom of your user’s questions; what do they actually want when they ask your bot a question? And how can your digital assistant communicate a fitting answer, while using your organisation’s tone of voice? Through examples and exercises, you’ll master the skills you need to make your digital assistant stand out. So your customers get the best possible online experience.

“Thanks to this training, we were able to launch our chatbot within 2 months. With all the right content in place. We can’t recommend it enough.”
MN’s chatbot team