Steady content team, oh so zen

Rituals has a strong brand identity, with a recognisable look and message everywhere. No matter which Rituals store you enter, you'll always know where you are. Rituals continues its strong branding online, assisted by our dedicated team of content managers and an online merchandiser.

Diensten Content management, online merchandising, image editing, project management
Release 2019

What's in it for Rituals?

  • New content goes online fast, both copy and images
  • The same content calendar all over the world
  • Continuous progress and ongoing quality control
  • A more efficient content process
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The same brand experience everywhere

Rituals is not only a well-known and recognisable cosmetic brand; it is also one of the fastest-growing companies in The Netherlands. With a global presence: besides the head office, there are many regional offices. And over 500 Rituals stores, in 15 countries. This makes brand monitoring of particular importance. Which is exactly why Entopic helps Rituals with key aspects of their e-commerce: content and online merchandising.

Always busy and involved

We work with a dedicated team of 4 online specialists, 1 of whom is also project manager. An ideal combination, as Rituals can rely on their expertise and can trust quality control is always in place. Whether it is creating and publishing campaign or product pages, changes to the online product range, or translating and image editing. We always make our deadline, because we work closely together and set regular targets.

Confidence and peace of mind

“We’re here to make you feel good.” These are the words of Raymond Cloosterman, Rituals’ CEO. And that is exactly what we do for them: we are always available for content queries, so they know things get done. Entopic is able to provide them the peace of mind Rituals itself stands for.

“From product launches to the development of content pages and campaign coordination, Entopic's content team ensures peace of mind with their efficient, fast and professional work!”
Ayla Loomans, Rituals