UX copywriting

The success of your online channels is determined by a positive user experience, or "UX". This user experience is shaped in part by your texts, known as UX copy. How do you tell your users exactly what they want to know? And how do you meet their wants, needs and emotions? You will find out in this workshop.

Duration 3 hours | 5 to 10 people

After this workshop you'll know:

  • how a customer journey works and what the role is of copy
  • how attention to UX enhances your online environment
  • how to write UX copy yourself
  • how users behave online and how you can stand out
  • how important the relationship between copy and images is in UX
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Why UX copy?

You hear it all the time: focus on your customer. Yet a lot of organisations are actually more involved with telling their own story. And forget the needs, wants and fears of their audience. A missed opportunity, because once you focus on user experience (UX), you have a much bigger chance of convincing potential customers.

What you will do

During the workshop, you will learn to keep a close eye on your users’ needs during every step of the customer journey. Whether it’s micro copy, a longread or conversational copy, after the workshop you’ll know how to write for your users. You learn how to make different choices in what you say and how you say it. This customer-focused approach also impacts your copy’s focus, the order in which you present information, and where you place your copy. In short: after this workshop your view on copy will have changed completely. Bringing you closer to your customer.

"I learnt a lot in a short time and have been able to lift our UX copy to a higher level. Fun and interesting, I highly recommend it!"
Niek Dijkhuis, KPN
"I still use the checklist we received at the workshop for every task that deals with copy. Very useful."
Niek Puit, Hogeschool Utrecht
"We were continually presented with relevant examples of how things can be done differently. And short assignments that gave immediate insights. I really learnt to view copy in a new way."
Maarten Hermans, a.s.r.