UX copywriting

Writing copy for the web differs from writing for print. Online, people quickly scan text to find the information they need. Is this information too hard to find? They will leave. We help you attract and keep your users' attention.

What do you get?

  • Daily support for your online communication
  • Advice for a stronger customer focus, UX and customer journey
  • Improvement of your online channels: website, social media and more
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From customer needs to conversion

Showing your customers you understand them, makes your products and services more appealing to them. What is their situation? What are their needs? And what are their concerns when making a purchase? Addressing this online shows that you take them seriously.

User experience takes centre stage

Form is as important as content for a satisfying customer journey and experience. Are you using headers and bullets to enhance readability? Is your copy scrollable enough? And what language level do you use? Our expert pays attentions to all this and supports your organisation in improving its content.

The form that suits you

At Entopic, everything is made-to-measure. We can work within your organisation on a daily basis to analyse how you work. Or, we can organise a number of sessions to discuss particular topics. Whatever you need to achieve your goals.