Search Engine Optimisation

Good SEO revolves around a large number of keywords, right? Well, maybe in the past. These days, SEO is all about user experience and relevant content. The words you use and your website design are equally important. We can help.

What do you get?

  • Advice on website structure and UX
  • Advice on page level: order and keywords
  • An expert that improves your SEO
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Want to be found through your content?

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Optimised for people

Because you want to be found through search engines, you work on your SEO. You analyse which key words or phrases people use in their searches; it makes your content more relevant. And relevance is what it’s all about, not the keywords themselves. Google rewards a good user experience and quality, unique content about a topic. That is what your users are searching online.

Improvement on every level

Your website contains many levels. A homepage, overview pages and detail pages. Google checks the information on each page, but also how it is interconnected. Does your website have an optimum design, according to Google? And what about your links to relevant information on your own and external pages? We analyse it together.

Perfecting your SEO together

How we tackle your SEO is up to you. We can work at your location for a longer period. Or make a remote analysis before we come to you. Whatever you prefer. And when it comes to optimising – we can improve existing content or create new content for you. Even a blog about a relevant topic can make quite a difference.