Recruitment (permanent positions)

Entopic helps you find the best content experts. Whether you are looking for a new web editor, content manager or copywriter. We find the person that fits your organisation. In a permanent position.

What do we do?

  • Create and place the advertisement
  • Candidate recruitment and selection
  • Organise interviews
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Looking for temporary support?

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Permanent improvement

Temporary staff are a great solution for short-term projects. Or a good addition when one of your employees is temporarily unavailable. But permanently improving your levels of knowledge requires a professional that joins your workforce permanently.

The ideal candidate

We start by creating a profile of the ideal candidate. Then, we begin the recruitment process, starting with a longlist of professionals that match the position and your requirements. Following a through selection process we are left with a shortlist of suitable candidates. We interview these people and check their references. Are we convinced? Then we plan an interview between you and them. And you choose the candidate that you prefer.

Always a back-up

To be prepared for anything, we continue our search for candidates until you have decided to hire someone. This way, we can be sure that you employ someone you have faith in. And that we are able to act quickly, should anything arise.