Project management

Want to be sure you meet that deadline? And that you don't get any nasty surprises just before or after? A project manager is the answer. They monitor your branding and quality as well as progress. While keeping all stakeholders informed.

What do we do?

  • Continuously monitor your project
  • Oversee quality and deadlines
  • Manage your team and stakeholders
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Everything under control

Do you want to rewrite part of your online copy? Create a quarterly update? Start using a chatbot? Set up your content process? Or do a content migration? Then you’ll set up a project to make it happen. But this often creates extra tasks, on top of your regular workload. Outsourcing project management can provide relief: a dedicated professional who does the work for you.

You set the framework

Are you using Scrum? Does your organisation monitor progress in Jira, simply in Excel or have you chosen Asana? Do you want a project manager on location or remote? Our project manager operates within your system and methods. This makes for a smooth transition and an efficient process.

Know what’s going on

An Entopic project manager doesn’t only monitor and manage, they will keep you informed as well. At set intervals, you’ll receive a progress report, listing what has been done, is being done and still has to be done. And does the team run into any issues? The project manager will solve them for you.