Interim & secondment

Looking to cover a maternity leave? Working on a project and in need of additional support? Or do you need a specific skill set you don't have in-house? We have a temp for you: a temporary expert with the knowledge and skills you require.

What do we do?

  • Create and place the advertisement
  • Candidate recruitment and selection
  • Organise interviews
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Looking for a permanent hire?

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Find the right professional fast

Whether you’re looking for a copywriter, content manager, marketing strategist or web editor, we’ll find the right match for you. At Entopic, or in our large network of freelancers. This makes us the premier recruitment specialist for content professionals. A responsibility we take very seriously; quality is our priority.

How we work

Imagine, you need a temporary hire. Remote or on location. Together, we create the profile. We start our search, creating a longlist and then a shortlist. We interview the best on the list, and check their references. Are we convinced? Then we introduce them to you.

Prepared for anything

We want you to feel completely confident in the candidate you eventually select. Therefore, until you have made your choice, we continue our search. So you can be certain your vacancy will be filled; moreover, it will be filled by the best candidate for you.