Final editor

Publishing content is much more than hitting a button. You want your copy to be faultless, match your branding and be UX proof. So you really activate your audience. A final editor makes this happen.

What do you get?

  • Always a check by a digital expert
  • A perfect, clear end product
  • Content that strengthens your brand and customer relations
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Looking for someone to manage your web editors?

Consider a chief editor

Prioritise quality

A final edit focuses on 1 thing: delivering quality. Your final editor is the gatekeeper that keeps your content faultless. And not just the grammar either: they also keep an eye on your corporate identity and brand voice. Delivering perfect, recognisable content every time.

Digital communication

Online communication requires a different approach. Copy needs to be accessible and you need to cross-link properly. And not just for your SEO: your users prefer to be able to keep clicking if they want to. A final edit ensures they can.

Editor and coach

Our editor can support you remotely. Or at your location. The benefit of the latter is that they can coach your web editors. In writing at CEFR-level B1, UX (copy) or branding, for example. So you get the most out of our expert.