Community management

A successful online community makes all the difference to your brand or organisation. Interaction with your customers provides valuable insights for your service and improves your online reputation. Our community managers support you with new initiatives. Or they add to your team when you need it.

What do we do?

  • Community strategy: who do you target and where?
  • Activate your audience using the right content
  • Continuous moderation, evaluation and improvement
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From concept to result

Our community manager can support you in many ways. They can contribute to your concept and create a community. Develop the right content and campaigns, and make sure everything gets made and measured. So you can continue to improve. Moderation is an important part too: making sure everyone sticks to your community’s guidelines.

Social media or your own space

You may choose to create your own community platform. On your own website or in a new environment. Or you can focus on community building via Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. Whatever you decide: our community manager helps you develop the right strategy. Who is your audience? And how do you position your community? How do you activate them? The community manager has the answers.

Value for your customers and for you

What do your customers say about your blogs or social media postings? And what is happening in your community? The community manager will show you. You’ll find out what sentiments there are and how to respond appropriately. With the right, factual response, you can positively influence your organisation’s reputation.