Chief editor

Do you want to set up a team of web editors? Translate your content strategy to a plan of action? Or mainly ensure a constant stream of content? Either way, a chief editor is the specialist you need.

What do you get?

  • Strategy and concept: we think along and we execute
  • Someone who pours your strategy into a content calendar
  • Constant improvement: creative and data-driven
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Looking for quality copy?

Consider an editor

From brand to connection

Have you developed your brand? Great! But have you been able to make the translation from branding to catchy content? If not, this is exactly what a chief editor can help you with. The editor takes your branding and your users’ wants and needs, and plans content to match it. To then create this content with a team of web editors, all according to plan.

Creating and measuring

Good content is about more than just publishing. You want to measure the effects. And find out if some tweaks can make your content even more effective. This is another job for the chief editor. Does content lead to conversion? Does an Instagram post activate your users more than an online article? And do we see improvements in your users’ sentiment?

Strong online presence

If your organisation and editors keep creating good content, you will reap the benefits. Apart from the above-mentioned activation, it helps your recognisability. People know who you are and what you stand for. And that creates brand ambassadors. Or interesting niches that create opportunities. That is how you create value.