Chatbot copy

Most chatbots are not yet self-learning AIs, but systems you fill with answers. This means these answers have to be written. This is called conversational copy. And we write this type of copy.

What do you get?

  • Natural copy that feels like a real conversation
  • Chatbot copy that matches your branding
  • Realistic scenarios and strong information distribution
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Time for a chatbot

In a few years’ time, a chatbot will be one of the most common means through which you interact with your customers. The bot will answer users’ standard questions, freeing your customer service staff to deal with more complicated issues. Customers will be served quicker, and you will save money in the process.

Mapping all conversations

Because most chatbots currently rely on a well-stocked CMS, your CMS design is crucial. As well as the copy you fill it with and the word lists you gather. To respond smoothly to synonyms and spelling errors, for example. A conversational copywriter maps out all possible scenarios and writes the UX copy and persuasive copy that brings your chatbot to life.

More than copy

Our conversational copywriters focus on more than helpful copy that matches your brand. They know how bots and humans interact, understand how to improve your customer journey and design user stories. And use A/B tests and data research to keep improving. In short, all you need to make your chatbot a success.