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Last year, we got the chance to assist The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) with their content. They were looking for a partner to maintain and improve their Dutch brand websites. With copy, technology and images. The result? Quality, speed and efficiency.

Diensten UX writing, content management, SEO content, AEM maintenance
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What's in it for TCCC?

  • On-brand content, always up-to-date
  • SEO compliance in copy and structure
  • Increasingly optimal channel synergy
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Working together closely

Working with TCCC is more than dealing with their most well-known brand, Coca-Cola. Brands such as Fanta, Sprite, Aquarius, Chaudfontaine, Fuze Tea and FïNLEY are also part of the international soda giant, so there is plenty to do. How do we create overview? By meeting every other month and going over all campaigns and things-to-do. This is also the time when Entopic presents opportunities to TCCC. After which we prioritise every task.

The Coca-Cola Company is more than Coca-Cola. FïNLEY, Fuze Tea, Fanta, Sprite, Honest Tea and Capri-Sun are TCCC beverages as well.

Taste the feeling

All Coca-Cola brands are well-known. That’s why it is crucial that every channel has the right atmosphere. And that the user can find each campaign on the website: this ensures recognisability. That is why a multi-disciplinary team is constantly working on optimising the right images. And writing copy in the correct brand voice. Sprite, for instance, revolves around a refreshing twist, where Coca-Cola wants to invoke a smile. So they look and sound different.

If you think Coca-Cola, you think Christmas. We create the soda brand's special campaign page.

A moment of pride

A highlight of our cooperation was the Coca-Cola Christmas campaign. An annually recurring magical event. Last year, Entopic was tasked with translating this magic onto the website. Delivering a beautiful result before the deadline and earning your partner’s trust in the process is a moment of great pride.

“With Entopic, we are able to move quickly. We want something? They have a permanent team that know us and deliver quality. An enormous help.”
Wolter Bentinck, Digital Marketing Manager at The Coca-Cola Company